A controversial new CCTV camera has been switched off after Waltham Forest Council admitted it was faulty.  

Thousands of tickets worth £400,000 had been issued by the council to hundreds of motorists after the 24 hour bus lane camera was installed near the traffic lights on the Green Man rounabout.  

In less than a month, 6,200 tickets had been issued, with many people receiving multiple fines each costing £65.  

In light of the controversy regarding the lack of clear signage for the camera, it has been switched off and will shortly be removed for good.

The sign warning of the camera ahead was not placed in the correct position, a sign detailing its hours of operation was sprayed over and the bus lane 'end' sign was not in line with the road markings.

In a statement released today, a spokeswoman for the council said:

"We understand that the static camera and sudden enforcement of the bus lane has created confusion for motorists and as soon as this came to light, we switched the camera off and stopped any further fixed penalty notices being issued.

"On investigation it has become apparent that the correct internal processes were not followed when the camera was erected and we appreciate that clearer signage should have been in place to warn motorists, especially since this bus lane is unlike most others in that it is effective 24 hours a day.

"We are taking appropriate action to rectify the situation including taking the camera down."

The camera was switched off last week and will be removed in the coming days.

Wood Street Post Office owner Aman Sadana, 23, appealed his three tickets on Friday.

"This is fantastic, " he said. "The camera shouldn't have been there from the start. They've finally woken up and smelt the coffee as to who was at fault and I look forward now to finding out their response to my appeal."

Another motorist to appeal his fine is John Davey from Leytonstone.

The 67 year-old, of Chadwick Road, said the result was "brilliant", but is now calling on the council to refund the many people who paid the fines.

"They've admitted taking lots of money from people when they shouldn't have and what about these poor devils that have paid the £65 fine?

"Will they be refunded? It is fantastic news but for many already hit, it is too late."

The Guardian has asked the council if it plans to refund the fines.