An author, historian and former MP has spoken about his most recent publication ahead of today's celebration of World Book Day.

Stan Newens, 84, was MP for Epping from 1964 until 1970 as a member of the Labour Party and is currently the president of the North Weald Preservation Society.

Mr Newens has written several books and political pamphlets including his most recent, his autobiography.

The book, In Quest for a Fairer Society, chronicles the former MP’s personal and political life, including his meetings with prominent British and world figures such as Fidel Castro, Barbara Castle and Martin Luther King Jr’s wife, Coretta King.

Mr Newens said: “In my life I have striven at all the levels at which I have been involved, including the local, to seek to persuade people to come together and work for the common good. This is still my aim.

“I hope that my autobiography will explain this and illuminate the character of what I have sought to achieve in a lifetime of activity.”

During his time in office Mr Newens, who is the most recent Labour MP elected in Epping, supported the building of social housing in Coopersale, opposed proposals for a detention centre on North Weald Airfield and advocated the building of a ring road in Waltham Abbey.

He released his autobiography in November and has also written A History of North Weald Basset and its People.