Drivers are calling for action over a permanent traffic bollard they claim is unsafe.

The bollard at the junction of High Elms and Elm Grove in Woodford Green was installed in April last year to stop drivers cutting across the pavement.

But drivers have suffered damage to their cars after hitting the bollard, claiming it is difficult to see.

Redbridge Council has rejected any claim for compensation for damage relating to the bollard.

Repairs costing £2,000 were needed to Vicky Babbs' car when she scrapped along the bollard to avoid another vehicle.

The 45-year old of Forest Road said: "I couldn’t see it. The road is on a gradient, if anyone tries to hug the kerb it is impossible to see.

"Drivers use the entire road as it is very narrow. It should not be there. If the council know about this damage being caused then why are they not doing anything about it?"

Judy Nathan, 51, Beech Lane, Buckhurst Hill was driving with her father, Cyril Needleman, 84, in the car when they crashed into the bollard last November.

She has also hit out at Redbridge Council's lack of action.

Ms Nathan said: "The bell shaped bollard is not visible to drivers who pull up to the junction. When there is another vehicle wanting to make a turn, it is all too easy to scrape along the bollard.

"I think this is unacceptable, we pay tax to Redbridge Council but they are showing a complete disregard for us or anyone else using the junction."

The issue came to the fore in June last year when a van got stuck on the bollard as he attempted to pull out of the junction.

Warning signs were proposed but these plans fell through.

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: "The Council has no plans to remove the bollard in question.

"We would once again state the fact that this bollard is on the pavement and that it is not possible to hit the bollard unless a motorist drives or manoeuvres their car across the pavement, a practice that simply should not be taking place.

"The bollard was put in place entirely to stop this practice as driving on the footway puts pedestrians safety and private property at risk."