The first night of an unusual “bring your own booze” event at a controversial nightclub has passed without incident.

Funky Mojoe, in High Road, South Woodford, lost a landmark High Court bid last month to overturn a decision to cut its opening hours to 11.30pm.

However the venue is bypassing the restriction and staying open until 3am by allowing customers to bring their own alcohol.

The club is also not allowed to have DJs, play CDs, computer files or any other recorded music media past 12am, but is allowed to play music from a live radio broadcast.

However the venue insists noise tests have been done and gave evidence at the hearing that music was not an issue for residents living close by.

Licensee Kerry O’Reilly insists the venue has never breached its licensing conditions and says she runs a “military operation” to ensure there is limited disruption.

Yesterday the venue tweeted: “A big thank you to everyone who came last night to support us. More updates tomorrow.”

Police confirmed this morning there were no reported incidents at the venue.

However, there is still concern about the future of the venue.

Cllr Richard Hoskins said: “It is obviously a desperate last attempt to stay open.

“It is disturbing and I believe the situation will be much worse. Customers will be walking in and out all night, with the venue having no idea how much anyone has drunk.

“It is potentially very dangerous.”

Jenny Lamb, 34, of Churchfields, South Woodford, said: “It is scary to think how drunk people are going to get.

“It is obviously less regulated – who knows what people are going to bring in.

“I didn’t see anything on Saturday and have never been bothered by the noise, but it could be disastrous.”

The venue will continue to open until 3am under the new proposal on Fridays and Saturdays.