A woman who published a historical account of Walthamstow this week claims the area has lost its magic.

Marion Cunningham, 71, was raised in Walthamstow after being born in Thorpe Coombe Hospital in Forest Road in 1942.

Now living on Canvey Island, Essex, she lived in Walthamstow for 20 years before moving but returned regularly to see family and friends.

This week she has released self-published book chronicling the lives of her grandparents Jesse Frederick Ware, a First World War soldier, French polisher, cabinet maker and upholsterer, and Amelia who lived in the area for over 50 years during the early 20th century.

Her first book, (He Took the King’s Shilling) For His Love of Amelia, provides an insight into the way life was for many people of Walthamstow during those times, Mrs Cunningham said.

Outdoor toilets, no electricity and hardship during both world wars are some of the issues the pair faced.

But Mrs Cunningham added that since then the area has changed drastically over the years, sometimes for the worse.

“The best thing about Walthamstow now is Manze’s pie and mash shop,” she added.

“But even that’s changed. It just isn’t the same place anymore. I’ve got memories of the High Street from when you couldn’t get a stall unless it was passed down through the family.

“There was just something magical about it then.”

She said she occasionally visits the High Street now but prefers to recall fonder memories when there was a stronger sense of family and community between residents

For His Love of Amelia is available from www.fortheloveofamelia.co.uk and will soon be available on Amazon.