There has been a groundswell of opposition to plans for traffic calming measures following questions over a public consultation, it is claimed.

Waltham Forest Council is planning to install ‘speed tables’ in Larkshall Road, between Ropers Avenue and New Road in Chingford.

More than 40 people objected to the plans during a public consultation between December 9 and January 10.

Now others claim they were unaware of the consultation and have raised concerns including noise, pollution and a lack of evidence that safety will be improved.

Ward councillors leafleted the area at the weekend and collected 94 signatures from residents and local businesses opposed to the scheme.

Highams Park Planning Group, which represents 350 residents, has written to the council to raise concerns and call for a rethink.

The council says there has been seven injury-related incidents in the stretch of road in the last three years.

Keith Zakrzewski, 56, of Larkshall Road has also written to the council objecting the plans.

He said: "I'm not happy about the way they've gone about this. The council have not consulted the residents or offered us alternative solutions such as speed cameras.

"For years, my family and other residents had problems with the ground-shaking until the road was re-surfaced about four years ago and I'm worried these speed tables will cause our house to shake again."

Susan McCormick, of Larkshall Crescent, lives opposite a bend in Larkshall Road.

The 63-year-old said: "I didn't hear anything about the consultation, which is strange.

"There have been lots of near-misses and countless accidents on this bend so I agree something needs to be done but I hate speed humps.”

Conservative Group Leader Matt Davis said there is widespread opposition to the proposal.

He said: "The response we had to the petition was very clear. The vast majority of people we spoke to do not support the installation of speed tables as proposed by the council, and many were unaware of the consultation in December.

"Whilst local councillors and residents recognise the need to control speeds in Larkshall Road, there are a number of ways to do this, ranging from physical impediments like speed tables, humps or cushions, to alternate priority "build outs" or even speed cameras.

"Unfortunately, this has been a typical Waltham Forest consultation. ’This is what we are going to do. What colour would you like the paint?'”

A council spokeswoman said: "As the consultation process has just closed, nothing will happen until all of the representations made have been considered fully and if necessary, the proposals will be looked at again.

"Both a public and a statutory consultation took place – during the public consultation 1,100 residents and businesses in the local area were written to and a public exhibition was held at Hale End Library.

"The statutory consultation was advertised through a public notice as required by the law."