Homeowners have backed a petition calling for immediate action on road safety after three cars ploughed into homes in as many weeks.

The online campaign was started last week when a taxi ended up in the living room of a house at Roding Court, in Lower Park Road, Loughton, shortly before 5am.

Only a few days before the crash on February 23, a home in Collins Court was also struck by a car at 3am.

On Friday morning paramedics were called to Southview Road when a car hit a house at around 10.20am.

An 80-year-old man was taken to Whipps Cross Hospital.

Some believe safety has been compromised by street lights being switched off overnight as part of a county-wide scheme to save money.

Naheed Saddique, who lives in Lower Park Road, started the petition and is calling for lights to be switched back on at night, clear road markings restored and traffic calming measures.

He said: “Action needs to be taken on the roads now. Someone is going to be killed.

“I believe there are many accidents directly linked to the lighting switch-off.”

Jean Garnell, 82, who lives in Collins Court, was in bed the first car landed in her house.

She said: “It was very frightening. I went into the living room and there were wheels going round.

“I climbed over the debris to get to the phone to call the police.

“The markings on the road are all worn out. Something really needs to be done.

“My house is all boarded up so I’m living in semi-darkness. The neighbours have all been really good, they came when they heard the bang.”

Councillor Valarie Metcalfe says that Essex County Council Highways Portfolio Holder Rodney Bass is “very aware” of the situation.

To sign the petition, click here