Two charities helping Muslim parents and children after a family breakdown are appealing for volunteers to help them in their work.

Family Lives and Barefoot Institute have been commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions to support families experiencing difficulties and provide relationship guidance.

The charities hope to recruit 20 volunteers from Waltham Forest, who will receive training to help them support an average of three families in 12 months.

Senior support worker Aisha Below, of Waltham Forest Family Lives, said:

"Many people find it difficult to admit to relationship support needs; this can be further magnified by the fact that divorce and separation is a particularly stressful experience, with conflicts and tensions often continuing post separation, causing separated parents to feel vulnerable.

"There is a particular issue with fathers being reluctant to seek support after a separation.

"Through our partnership with paternal support organisations and outreach work, Family Lives has developed an expertise in working with fathers and overcoming any reluctance to seek support."

Training starts on March 19 and a second phase will be starting in April.

For enquiries contact Barefoot Institute on 020 7118 4001, or Family Lives on 01707 630100.