A charity has issued an urgent appeal for properties as one of its hostels prepares to close.

Forest YMCA provides support and accommodation to vulnerable, young homeless people aged between 16 and 30 across Waltham Forest.

As of March 31, Stonelea hostel, which houses up to 50 residents in Union Close, Leyton, will close as its lease runs out.

The charity, based in Forest Road, Walthamstow, has managed to re-house 35 of its residents into temporary homes, but currently has no accommodation for 15 more.

These young people have moved from the charity's main hostel and are either in education or employment.

The charity is looking to acquire and rent a minimum of six houses, with leases between three to five years in Waltham Forest or neighbouring boroughs. 

Forest YMCA Chief Executive Timothy Pain said: "At the moment we've got 120 units that we're leasing from landlords in the borough, and we are looking for more properties to accommodate our residents when our Stonelea Hostel closes.

"We work closely with our residents to ensure they are emotionally, socially and financially prepared for independence. Living in offsite accommodation is vital in this transitional stage of their lives, and through a carefully tailored 'move on' plan, they are confidently able to do so with success."

The charity has over 260 units close to its main site in Forest Road, and another 75 units in seven leased houses across Walthamstow and Leyton.

If you would like to consider leasing to the FYMCA, please contact Ray Brown on 020 8509 4638 or email rbrown@forestymca.org.uk.