Thousands of pounds will be requested tonight to end “tension” after a unnamed far right group was said to be distributing leaflets near a community centre run by a Muslim group. 

When the Area 3 committee from Redbridge Borough Council meets this evening, a proposal will be put forward to spend £4,452 on encouraging community integration.

The move comes after claims the New North Road Community Centre, formerly Jacques Hall, was being used as an illegal mosque.

The Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association (HCMA), which currently runs the facility, fiercely denies these claims.

An investigation into the centre found that the allegations were not substantiated, but residents are still angry, claiming that the group is not welcoming and blocks the road with cars at prayer time.

On the agenda, ahead of tonight’s meeting, a far-right group is said to have distributed leaflets.

It reads: “There have been tensions in the community. Recently these have been evident around the New North Road Community Centre in Jacques Hall.

“A far-right group has been distributing materials in Hainault and may be planning to do so in Fairlop and Fullwell in the future.

“In Area 3 there are people of different circumstances whose voices are not often heard within the community. We would seek to develop equality, greater dialogue and interaction across these divides.”

Dr Sohail Hameed, chairman of HCMA, has always denied using the centre as a mosque, stating that any religion can rent out the facility for activity.

It is also believed that a Christian organisation now uses the hall on Sundays.

Redbridge Equalities and Community Council is looking to spend the money on quarterly meetings and music and dance events to bring the community together.

The meeting will be held at Ilford County High School in Fremantle Road from 7.15pm.

A number of residents are expected to attend.