A London-wide police operation today will target those suspected of being involved in mobile phone theft and dealing in stolen goods.

Operation Big Wing, which previously focussed on domestic violence, will see forces across the capital carrying out co-ordinated raids with support from agencies from 13 European countries.

There have already been five arrests in Waltham Forest, with two people held on suspicion of theft.

The others are being questioned over allegations of actual bodily harm, common assault and drug possession.

An estimated average of 80 mobile phones are stolen every day in the London.

Leading today's mass co-ordinated action is commander Stephen Watson.

He said: "These efforts should stand as a clear warning to mobile phone criminals that we are narrowing in on criminal activity and the organised networks they may operate in, who will soon have no place to hide within this country or Europe.

"Work continues day in and day out alongside our partners to target those responsible but highly visible operations such as Operation Big Wing play a major part in the fight against crime."