Teenagers took part in a 25-hour swim relay for charity.

Five girls, who are members of Waltham Forest Swimming Club, also known as the Gators, took it in turns to swim for an hour at a time in aid of the Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures charity (STARS).

The charity was chosen after participant Megan Summers, 13, was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope, which causes fainting.

She was joined by fellow Gators Amrita Robertson, 16, Holly Taylor, 14, Phoebe Griffiths, 13, Isabel Andrews, 13, at Forest School in College Place, Snaresbrook, for the fundraising effort on Friday and Saturday.

The group have so far raised £2,794, with donations still coming in.

Miss Summers said: "I would like to say a thank you to my coach, peers, family, teachers and swimming friends who have been amazing and very supportive of the whole venture and I really couldn't have tried to do it without their encouragement."