The Rhys Daniels charity is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The charity was formed by Epping parents Barry and Carmen Daniels after their children Rhys, seven, and Charly, ten, were diagnosed with the rare degenerative condition Late Infantile Batten's disease.

To celebrate the occasion, the trust has created a special 20th anniversary brochure containing messages from supporters and families the charity has helped over the years.

Mr Daniels said: “This brochure is going to show the whole story of the charity with lots of personal messages from our supporters. The butterfly is a symbol for our charity and a way for people to express their experiences so it will be very special for us.”

The trust will also be involved with some major fundraising events, including a golf tournament, annual ball and The Dukes Polo event in July, which will be attended by celebrity supporters.

The trust provides specially-designed accommodation at hospitals across the UK for parents of ill children when they need to receive specialist treatment in hospitals a long way from home.

The trust currently has six projects open around the UK and Mr Daniels is looking to expand further:

“The importance is still very much in providing homes for families of sick children and getting to meet these families. It has been tough the last couple of years, but we’ve still received great support and our intention is to expand our homes. We have two projects lined up in Southampton and Manchester; we are always looking for more hospitals to help.”