The manager of a community hall has retired after 30 years.

Barbara Slaney will be replaced by Tamsen Mann as the new manager of Woodford Memorial Hall, in Woodford Road, South Woodford.

The hall, founded in 1902, was used as a location for the 2011 Margaret Thatcher film The Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep, and is used weekly by 14 organisations, involving more than 500 users. 

Mrs Mann, 45, previously worked in arts recruitment and administration, including five years coordinating the music programme at London's Barbican Hall.

She said: “Since moving to Woodford three years ago I've always loved this beautiful hall, so much that we hired it for our wedding reception. It's a part of me and I want to ensure it stays at the heart of our community by building on its strengths, and developing new uses for the space.”