An alopecia sufferer has started selling wigs after being unhappy with the impersonal service she experienced in other shops.

Adele Rees, 49, has been bald for ten years and feels she can offer sympathetic, expert advice for women who have suffered from hair loss at My Hair Studio in Goldsmith House, Brandesbury Square, Woodford Green.

She said: “I have my own unique view on the condition as I am a sufferer myself, so I feel I am qualified to give advice.

“I have been to so many companies but they are run by people who are not bald themselves, and can’t understand what we go through.

“They don't offer expert advice and I was offered hair I was not happy with on many occasions. Whereas I can tell my customers I have been there myself, and this puts them at ease.”

Mrs Rees said she was surprised by the amount of interest shown.

She added: “Women from all walks of life have been in touch and there is a huge amount of people who need this service.

“It is such a taboo subject, so it has been fascinating hearing from so many people. We offer a really discreet service which means people are comfortable.

“Losing your hair is a massive thing, it can be mentally damaging and people just don’t talk about it. But I have found people open up in this environment and really want to talk about it here, it is a great atmosphere."