Epping Forest has seen the largest increase in potholes on minor roads in Essex, with an average of three reported every day since the turn of the year.

Data released by Essex County Council shows the number of reported surface defects has increased by 90 to 1,152 since January 1.

The number of potholes in residential roads has also more than doubled in the last 12 months, from 555 to 1152, figures show.

Reported in potholes in major roads in the district reduced by 30 to 236, but this is still the second highest number in Essex.

Money earmarked for maintenance such as individual pothole repairs has been cut by £2million to £90million this financial year.

Essex County Council cabinet member for Highways, Rodney Bass, said: “These numbers should be taken as an indication of general trends in roads conditions not as an absolute.

“We may be a victim of our own success as we have encouraged more people to report defects and local roads are more likely to be reported as they are outside people’s  homes.”

“We have made enormous progress on priority one and two roads and you will see us working in local roads more effectively addressing clusters of potholes rather than individual cases.”