A pressure group says not enough is being done to protect cyclists in Redbridge.

Statistics from the London Boroughs Segregated Cycle Lanes Report were obtained from 27 London authorities through a request under the Freedom of Information Act by pressure group Stop Killing Cyclists.

It found Redbridge only had two kilometres of fully segregated cycle lanes, with no cycle lanes installed since 2010.

This is compared with neighbouring Waltham Forest, which has almost nine kilometres of cycle lanes.

Donnachadh McCarthy, co-organiser of Stop Killing Cyclists, said, “Every one of the 54 cyclists killed on London’s roads over the last four years is a tragedy.

“Londoners should ask every candidate in May’s local and European elections if they will support 10% of their transport budget to be spent on segregated cycle lanes.”

Diana Korchien, co-ordinator of Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth, said: “These are bleak prospects indeed.

"Redbridge’s recent claim to fame as the site of 2014’s very first London cycling fatality has further served to highlight the council’s inaction on the installation of cycle safety measures.”

24 out of 32 London boroughs have failed to install any segregated cycle lanes since the last local elections in 2010. And 13 of these boroughs have never installed any cycle lanes at any time in the past.

Redbridge Council has been contacted for response.

A 52-year old man died when he was in collision with a car at the junction of High Road, Woodford Green, and Forest Approach on February 9.