The first homes made from shipping containers have arrived at the headquarters of a charity supporting young homeless people.

Forest YMCA in Forest Road, Walthamstow, was granted £645,000 from the Greater London Authority earlier this year to make use of the containers as living spaces, known as the mYPad scheme.

Five of the 30 new homes were delivered to the charity's main site in Forest Road, described by the charity's chief executive as a "monumental step".

Timothy Pain said:  "It’s a very exciting day for us all and the start of something very special.

"We’ve worked hard to bring the mYPad project to life and are completely overwhelmed by the worldwide response that the concept has received so far.

"We’re all looking forward to seeing the positive impact living in a mYPad will have on our residents on their journeys to independence, and eagerly await their feedback once they are living in them.

"There’s still some more work to be done and this marks a monumental step in the project’s journey."

The mYPad scheme was developed in response to a lack of affordable housing for young people when they lose housing benefit after securing full-time employment.

The container homes cost £70 a week to rent and it is hoped the low costs will allow Forest YMCA residents to save for first-time mortgage deposits.

Ten of the container homes will be developed in Forest Road, while a further 20 will be set up on a brownfield site in Coopers Lane, Leyton, by June.