A new road layout and roundabout has been branded "dangerous and awful" by those living and working nearby.

Since the new roundabout was installed in Fencepiece Road, Barkingside, two months ago, residents reported traffic in rush hour backing up the length of the road, meaning residents in cars struggle to get out of their drives.

The layout was a T-junction before the changes.

There was a collision between two cars on the roundabout yesterday morning, and residents fear it was the first of many.

A petition is being organised calling for an investigation.

Hamid Rashid, owner of Fairlop Halal Meat and Poultry in the road, said: “I have worked and lived on this road for eight years and I can see near misses everyday from outside my shop.

“The accident was caused by the layout of the road there is no doubt about that, and this is the first of many in my opinion.

"There are also morning tailbacks which were just not there before.”

Martin Gunn, 55, of Fencepiece Road, said: “Something needs to be done, all I hear is horns, and it seems to have got worse. I agree there was a problem before but this is just not good enough.

“It is dangerous and the layout is exacerbating the problem.”

Donna Woodcock, 48, of Fencepiece Road, said: “It’s awful, people do not realise there is a roundabout there and I am worried there could be a major accident soon.

“We permanently hear people beeping each other there, and it is much worse than it was, there are days we just can’t get out of our drive the traffic is so bad.”

Peter Anthony, 57, of Fencepiece Road, said: “The new layout has caused nothing but havoc. The signs warning there is a new roundabout coming up are not clear enough and drivers are on it before they have time to think.

“Rush hour especially is a nightmare, with cars queuing up the road, it is really affecting me and everyone else living on this road.”

The Guardian has contacted Redbridge Council for comment.