Waltham Abbey Town Council is holding a Food Festival on Sunday May 25th as part of a series of events throughout the year.

Festivals are planned for every month or so this year, including a Town Festival and Festival of Flags, but May sees the launch of the Food Festival, held in the Town Square from 10am to 4pm.

Events include a an omelette challenge and cooking demonstrations, such as seared breast of pigeon and braised belly of pork with cider jus. Visitors will also be treated to free pancakes produced by local students.

There will be a beer tasting session with locally produced cider and over 20 different food providers, including German sausage and hog roast, with a theme of "Food Around The World".

This event will run alongside the first Essex Farmers Market to be held in the town and a Mediterranean Market.

Events Manager, Richard Dawkins said: “This festival was very successful last year but this year we have pushed further with getting the wider community involved. We are going to have so many activities and different types of foods; it’s going to be really exciting.”