Initial designs for the new Jack Silley Pavilion have been unveiled by Epping Town Council.

The council is working with an architect to design a new Sports and Community Pavilion in Stonards Hill that will accommodate local sports teams and the Epping Forest Band.

The new facility will feature Football Association-standard changing rooms and a community space to be used by the band.

Town clerk Alan Shaw said there would also be a reconfiguration of the current site to allow for extra parking.

The design of the building roof is at the heart of discussion because of the previous issues with vandalism.

Councillor Hugh Pegram said: “Over the years we’ve had so much vandalism of the roof, the building has been damp and the inside needs constantly redecorating. We need to make sure we design out the problems we’ve had in the past.”

The plans remain in their infancy and the designs have yet to been officially approved. 

A committee has been created to oversee the project, chaired by Hugh Pegrum.