A six-year-old organised a charity event for a children’s hospital.

Oscar Edwards, of Buckhurst Way in Buckhurst Hill, staged a lucky dip and tombola to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital on Wednesday.

Oscar's mother Theresa Edwards said: “I’m very proud of him.

“He just comes up with these ideas but this one became a bigger thing and he thought of charging people to do it and giving the money to charity.”

Oscar invited friends, family and neighbours to take part and advertised the event with a poster.

The Buckhurst Hill Primary School pupil delegated certain jobs to his workforce in order to get the event ready in time.

His grandfather Roy Dart said: “I came through the door and he handed me a pair of scissors and some paper and said ‘please can you cut these up’.”

Mrs Edwards added: "I was in charge of making the cups of teas, the rest was really all down to Oscar."

Oscar raised £40 from the event and is now planning his next venture.