An increase in taser use has led the police and crime commissioner for Essex to monitor the use of force by officers.

Incidents of taser use by Essex Police have gone up by more than 100 since 2009.

Figures released today show 33 people were shocked by the devices last year.

It was also revealed that tasers were used in some capacity on 152 occasions compared to 44 in 2009.

Police record any incidents where tasers are drawn by an officer whether or not it is used to shock someone.

Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex said: “I will support the use of force by an officer when it is reasonable and justified.

“However, I also recognise that the use of force should only usually come into play after other means of de-escalating a situation have been considered.

“I believe it is important that I introduce a framework to monitor and review the use of force by Essex Police on a regular basis.

“This is not because I have any specific concerns about the actions of officers, but rather because it is precisely the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner to provide oversight on behalf of the public on such matters.

The framework will complement the already existing professional standards protocols under which all alleged incidents of excessive force are investigated.