Karate clubs across Epping Forest performed a 1,000 kicks, punches and blocks to raise money for two hospices.

A total of 250 children joined 15 United Karate Association instructors for the challenge, which raised £1,000 each for Haven House Children’s Hospice in Woodford Green, and St Claire’s Hospice in Hastingwood.

The money was handed over at a ceremony at St John's Church Hall, in Buckhurst Hill, on Monday.
Sensei Julia Heenan was one of fifteen instructors who also took part.

She said: “The response was brilliant, they’re all local charities which people can relate to and they’re all charities close to home.

“We did it across the board in all of our clubs and all of our classes of various ages and abilities. We just got creative with the challenge to mix it up a bit.

“We incorporated the kicks, punches and blocks into different formats and thought of different ways of doing it.

“We included it in our pad work, while running during warm ups and in pair work in single hour-long sessions across all of our classes.”