The danger posed by an arsenal of guns found during a police raid yesterday ‘cannot be overestimated’ according to a senior police officer.

Operation Trident officers and anti-gang police teams swarmed a house in Balmoral Road, Leyton at around 8.40am yesterday morning.

During a search of the property they uncovered a massive arsenal of firearms which included an Uzi and a machine gun.

Acting Detective Superintendent Gary Bruce said that finding 30 weapons was ‘significant’.

He said: “The size of the seizure is exceptional and the danger of the these weapons in the wrong hands cannot be overestimated."

“It is a substantial recovery. We do not pick up this many guns on a search warrant as a matter of course.

“Officers recovered rifles, hand guns, shot guns, ammunition and two automatic weapons.

“There was only one arrest made.”

Police were led to the property by ‘intelligence’ and arrested one 51-year-old male who has not yet been charged.

DS Bruce says that a focus on weapon recovery has led to a drop in gun related deaths in London since 2012.

“Intelligence operations have helped contribute significantly to a forty percent reduction in shootings in the capital,” He said.

“Despite the scale of the recovery I think that the community should be reassured that local police and local authorities and Trident officers are working in partnership to ensure that we are taking guns off of the streets.”

No other arrests have been made and links with terrorist organisations have been ruled out.