Blocks of flats considered to be ‘dangerous’ by Leytonstone residents are now being staffed for 49 hours per week in an attempt to reduce crime in a troubled estate.

Fred Wigg and John Walsh Towers in the Montague Road Estate have had a ‘concierge service’ installed this month with staff being on site from 5pm until midnight every day.

Waltham Forest Council says the decision was taken as the estate remains one of its ‘highest priority areas’ where there is a real need for intervention.

On March 1, both Aaron Carriere, 21, and Josiah Manful, 20, were stabbed to death in a car parked in Montague Road.

In the wake of the double killings, people living in Fredd Wigg Towers said that the blocks attract anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and violent crime.

Both young and old alike said that they considered the area to be dangerous.

Concierge staff have been placed in upgraded lobbies where anti-social behaviour was taking place and £100,000 has been spent on upgrading CCTV.

A spokeswoman for the council said that the scheme could be rolled out across the borough.

She said: “John Walsh and Fred Wigg Towers was identified as one of the highest priority estates, in terms of a need for intervention and improvement, in a borough wide estates review commissioned by the Council and which involved residents.

“The improvements aim to deter anti-social behaviour in the communal areas of the estate. It’s hoped the changes will help residents feel safer when travelling to and from their homes.

“The dedicated team will act as residents’ first point of contact if they have any issues or concerns on the estate.

"They will monitor the CCTV and report any incidents direct to police if necessary.

“The refurbishment is part of a wider improvement programme which could result in a multi-million pound investment in the area over the next few years.”