Two of five children missing from care in Waltham Forest ran away to try to avoid deportation, according to the council.

Last week it was revealed that five children are currently missing from the borough after being placed in the care of local authorities.

The London Assembly Liberal Democrats Group called the find a ‘scandal’ after an FOI showed that boroughs across London have lost children from their care.

Waltham Forest, along with Newham had the highest number of children whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

Although 10 boroughs failed to provide figures.

Lib Dem Councillor Bob Sullivan said that he was distressed to learn that five children had gone missing from the care of their corporate parents and has called for a full investigation.

Today, the council has said that they can account for the whereabouts of three of the children.

A spokeswoman said that the Council is faced with a 'wide range of reasons' that a child or young person may be missing.

 She said: “The Council had corporate parenting responsibility for one of the five children referenced in the report and while we cannot reveal confidential information which may jeopardise the outcome of the case, we can confirm that this young person has voluntarily moved to another part of the country and our work with partners on this case is ongoing.

However two of the young people are believed to have stayed in the country illegally.

“Two of the other children have moved abroad with a parent who is a foreign national, and the other two young people are asylum seekers with no leave to remain in the UK who have chosen to abscond to avoid deportation,” A spokeswoman said.

Waltham Forest Council has refused to provide any further information or pictures of the children for a missing persons appeal.