A young woman will be living off £1 a day to raise money and awareness for extreme poverty charities.

Chelsea Camp, from Loughton, has set herself the challenge of living five days ‘Below the Line’ as part of the UNICEF anti-starvation campaign.

The 22-year-old plans to survive on a cheap diet of pasta and rice and will also budget for a basic bottle of sparkling water in a bid to conquer her craving for fizzy drinks.

Miss Camp said: “Poverty is an obvious issue in the world and recently I have noticed it more than ever.

“People all over the world are struggling to afford to eat and drink, it has made me realise that even someone who lives next door to you could be suffering.

“Things I take for granted such as grabbing a coffee on the way to work are where the £1 limit will become a real challenge.

“I know there will be temptation to think that a chocolate bar is only a little over my budget, but I plan to stay strong.”

The UNICEF campaign raised almost £1 million last year for charities fighting extreme poverty and organisers hope to raise even more this year.

Chelsea’s challenge will begin on Monday, April 28.

Follow her progress and sponsor her on her donations page at www.livebelowtheline.com/me/cherryvenom.