An environmental action group is urging residents to plant wildflowers throughout Wanstead and Woodford in an attempt to beautify areas of unused space.

Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth (FoE) say tree pits in the area’s high streets are desperately in need of a facelift and that wildflowers are perfect for the job.

A project to increase flowers numbers, Seeds for Snaresbrook, has been launched and FoE is looking for more participants.

“Anyone passing through Redbridge high streets and residential roads could be forgiven for thinking that the only conceivable practical use for the square of soil around our lovely street trees is to serve as a dog toilet, a bin bag collection point, or a cycle tethering spot,” she said.

“What all of our trees could do with is a riot of colourful wildflowers at their feet and local bees and other pollinators would benefit too by a welcome increase in their foraging opportunities.

Ms Korchien said she recently walked the length of Wanstead High Street only to find a large amount of litter in the tree pits, as well as full bin bags clustered around trees.

Redbridge council is supporting the project and its contractors have been warned to avoid spraying herbicides on tree pits with seeds.

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