Controversial plans for traffic calming measures along a heavily-congested road have been approved.

Following a public consultation late last year, Waltham Forest Council has agreed to install five speed tables in Larkshall Road, between Ropers Avenue and New Road in Chingford.

Residents living along Larkshall Road and the surrounding area questioned the validity of the public consultation, after many claimed they were not given a choice of measures and others said they were unaware of the consultation. 

Last month, ward councillors leafleted the area and collected 94 signatures from residents opposed to the scheme.

The council also received a written letter from Highams Park Planning Group, which represents 350 residents, asking them to re-consider the plans.

Larkswood ward councillor John Moss has said residents have been ignored at every stage of the consultation.

"Once again, Clyde Loakes and the Labour party has decided what is good for us and completely ignored local residents.

"This staggering arrogance in the face of what Keith Hanshaw, the Council’s head of Environment recently confirmed was the first time objections to proposals had been raised at the statutory stage of a consultation, is typical. They do things to us, not for us," said Mr Moss

The council have said the plans will improve safety along the road which has seen seven serious accidents in the last few years.

A spokeswoman said: "The Council has decided to proceed with the traffic calming scheme on Larkshall Road as outlined in the recent consultation.

"The Council will be writing to all those that responded to the consultation explaining the decision and is confident that the measures will create a better road environment for all road users and encourage more use of the highway by vulnerable users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

"This includes making the roads safer with the aim of reducing casualties along the road, and improving the access to services."

Hale End and Highams Park councillor Sheree Rackham has said she is pleased something is being done to ease speeding motorists but added: "I am concerned that the Council is not listening to residents as many were opposed to the scheme.

"There are also many other hot spots in the ward that need to be looked at such as Winchester Road and Oak Hill."

Roadworks are due to start in the coming weeks.