A man described 'one of the worst experiences of my life' after he and his dog were left injured by a bulldog attack outside a school yesterday.

Ross Tillman, of Fieldhouse Close, South Woodford, was bitten on the face while his puggle, Henry, needed an operation and 147 stitches after a vicious attack by what he believed was an American bulldog.

The 34-year old passed the field next to Churchfields Junior School at around 3.30pm as children were being picked up by their parents.

The bulldog was not on a lead and charged across the field, savagely attacking the puggle, while Mr Tillman was bitten in the face as he attempted to break up the fight.

Mr Tillman said: “The bulldog sprinted across the park towards us for no reason and just started biting my dog on the leg. I managed to release its grip by pushing it off but it then lunged at my face. The dog was huge and powerful, as tall as my waist, and we didn't stand a chance against it. 

"I managed to grab Henry and run home carrying him before the dog could do anymore damage, we must have looked a real state. It was over so quickly but it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

"Henry is badly hurt, has horrific scarring and is very shaken up. He didn't sleep at all last night so I can only hope he recovers.

 “Children were just leaving the school and it could quite easily have been one of them attacked. The parents were horrified. 

“I didn’t see who owned the dog as I was only interested in getting my dog to the vets. There was loads of people around at the time so I hope they can help us find the owner responsible."

Wendy Thomas, headteacher of Churchfields Junior School, has agreed to help by putting up posters asking for witnesses.

She said: "I didn't see the attack myself but we were very concerned about the safety of our children yesterday. The park is a place for children and parents to enjoy, so we are concerned someone had a dog that was out of their control.

"Our prime concern is the safety of our children so we are appealing for people to get in touch with information or videos of the incident."

Mr Tillman reported the attack to the police and said they were investigating the incident.