An entrepreneurial bee keeper is aiming to capitalise on the thousands of spectators expected in the district for the Tour de France on July 7.

William Aldiss is planning on converting his family’s 12-acre field in Woodside, near Thornwood, into a car park and campsite for the event.

The land, bordered on one side by the M11, can accommodate around 3,000 cars and 1,500 tents and has previously hosted car boot sales.

Mr Aldiss said: “We were approached by Epping Forest District Council to help alleviate parking pressure on North Weald Airfield and surrounding car parks.

“The race comes within meters of the site so we have a lovely raised viewing area in order to watch it.”

Mr Aldiss has organised a temporary skate park to be set up on the site and a catering company to provide entertainment and refreshments for the cycling fans.

He said: “The Tour de France is a fantastic spectacle for the first hour or so with the promotional vehicles going through and then the race but the riders will go past so quickly that we want to provide people with something more for the rest of the day.”

The charge for parking at the site on the day will be £10.