A new CD documenting Epping’s involvement in the First World War has been released to commemorate its 100th anniversary.

John Duffell, local Historian and secretary of the British Legion’s Epping & District Branch produced the CD which highlights the experiences of Epping soldiers’ in the war.

Mr Duffell has been a historian for almost 15 years, having found a passion for it when he was organising the local remembrance parades for the British Legion.

“I had to give a list of all the people that had died in the War for the parade and as I kept writing more and more names down I just wanted to find out more.

“The thing I enjoy about it is that you just keep discovering new things, suddenly you will just find something completely out of the blue or something comes to light which you never expected.”

The CD ‘Epping and The Great War, concentrates on some of the key battles, and the part played in them by servicemen from Epping.  It also has a list of the men from the villages around Epping who lost their lives.

“All the major battles of World War One, like the Somme, Gallipoli, Loos all had Epping soldiers involved. There was a real pride in realising that. We knew they died, but I think it’s also important to realise the important role they played.”

The CD is in PDF format, and can be used on any PC or laptop.  They cost £5 each, £1 of which will go to the Royal British Legion.  They are available from the Hemnall Social Club.