A dastardly dent dominating a residential road is causing regular road rage for drivers.

Motorists and residents in Gladstone Road, Buckhurst Hill, have been living with the wretched rut since last year and have been regularly reporting the pothole to the council.

The carriageway crater around a drain cover is around three foot in diameter and around six inches deep.

Taxi driver Jeff Gilbert, 61, who lives in the road, said: “People who see it at the last minute try to avoid it and swerve and eventually they will hit something or someone.

“It’s been patched before when the manhole was subsiding but it hasn’t lasted and now it needs redoing.”

Neightbour Wendy Ryall said: “It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“The county council has photographed it but done nothing. It should be a priority with a sewerage drain under it.”

The road is used as a crafty cut through for many motorists travelling between High Road and Russell Road which resident feel adds to the problem.

Sally-Ann Gilbert, 53, another neighbour said: “There are a few in the road but this is the biggest and nothing is being done.

“Every time a car goes through it stones get thrown aver the road. It’s a mess.”

Essex County Council last inspected the troublesome tarmac on April 16 however at present have not marked it for repair.