One of two victims of a double stabbing last night was looking after a young child when he was attacked, according to a shopkeeper.

Shortly before 8.30pm last night an eastern European man stumbled into Savers Ltd, in Leyton High Road, bleeding and asking for help.

Deb Das, who works in the shop, said his colleague called police and sheltered the man and the toddler as they waited for help.

He said: “He fell over in the doorway, his hand was covered in blood.

“I think he was seeking refuge because he asked Rafeeq, who was working at the time, to call the police. He wanted some kind of security.

“All the man who was working could see was blood all over his palm. He had a little child with him.

From what I have been told I think his hand was sliced.”

According to Mr Das, the man was very distressed.

“The child was not hurt. None of us saw what happened, I think it happened at the bus stop,” He added.

“The police arrived very quickly and the man did not say what had happened. I do not think that he was seriously injured.”

Police have confirmed that two men in their 30s were taken to hospital following the incident last night shortly after 8.30pm.

London Ambulance Service said that one man was treated as a ‘priority’ and the other was taken in as a precaution.

No arrests have been made.