Ed Miliband’s election camapaign speech yesterday was “worthy of Lenin”, according to the council leader.

Referencing the communist revolutionary and Russian leader, Cllr Keith Prince was scathing in his criticism of the Labour leader as he launched his party’s local council election campaign at Redbridge Sport and Leisure Centre in Forest Road, Barkingside.

Miliband described Redbridge council’s Conservative and Liberal democrat coalition as a “microcosm” of a national government which is failing to tackle a cost of living crisis.

He announced he would cap rent increases in the private sector and abolish agents’ fees if in government.

Miliband also claimed there was a primary school places crisis in the borough, with some children having to travel too far.

But Cllr Prince rejected the Labour leader’s claims as “laughable”.

He said: “It was a speech worthy of Lenin. He is trying to fix the price of everything, it will be bananas next.

“The Conservatives support a free market, because fixing prices of things such as rent just doesn’t work.

“I agree the borough could be described as a microcosm of national government, but all councils are facing challenges that were caused by a Labour government and under the coalition we have seen the economy grow in the last few years.

“There is no crisis of primary school places in Redbridge. We have provided around 4,000 places for children in the last five years and have been provided with £90million from government for this. Plans are in place to find spaces for another 4,000 in the next five years.

“It is laughable, they have invited two clowns to the borough in the last few weeks, first Eddie Izzard and now Ed Miliband.”

Redbridge council has been a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Conservatives for eight years, but Labour has been bullish about its chances of seizing control of the council.

The local elections take place on May 22.