A committed campaigner for the crater good is enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Phil Parsons from Mannock Drive, Loughton, can now sleep peacefully and uninterrupted after the road outside his house was resurfaced.

Mr Parsons had been campaigning for the tarmac treatment since January 2013, a month after moving in, when he realised his house would shake every time someone drove past and hit a road rut.

After seeing his petition and persistent pester power pay off, he said: “It's lovely: I can sleep soundly now.

“I have actually had to get up and look out of the window to make sure cars are still going past because I can’t hear or feel a thing.”

Next-door neighbour Maria Bereta said: “We are in heaven now. No more noise or having the house shake like jelly.

“Phil has been wonderfull.”

Leon Girling, the Epping Forest District councillor for the area, gave Mr Parsons some advice on how best to approach Essex County Council with the campaign.

He said: “He’s done incredibly well.

“It shows residents can be empowered to do things. He grabbed the bull by the horns and succeeded.”

Mr Parson added: "A lot of neighbours have said thank you and one even asked if I could start another campaign to make the road one way."