CCTV cameras have been installed in an attempt to catch those responsible for repeatedly vandalising cars in residential streets.

Police have appealed for information after nine cars were heavily scratched between April 1 and Saturday in the Jessel Green area of Loughton.

In total the damage reported to police has cost drivers an estimated £5,000.

Lorraine Hunt, 43, who lives in Jessel Drive owns a navy blue Range Rover, said: “Our car was scratched the other day and we got it back and it was done again.

“After the first time we had three cameras set up specifically to catch anyone doing it again.

“Last time it was done we saw a man around 20 walking past with his hood up and scratching the car, but he didn’t scratch any of the others.”

Other residents told the Guardian they planned to install cameras to catch the culprits, but didn't want to be identified to increase the chances.

Jules Kennon, 44, owns a black Audi which has been scratched twice since March in Colbrook Lane.

She said: “The first time it happened I thought ‘why me?’

“The second time I asked myself if someone has a vendetta against me, but I can’t think of anything I have done to upset someone.

“It is only just one year old and it annoys me every time I see it.

“It costs me a lot of money every month to have this car but I don’t see the point in repairing it if someone’s just going to come along and do it again.”

The vandlaism has been carried out over many months to varying degrees on a range of vehicles.

David Fromet, 60, lives in Jessel Drive and had his car scratched last year.

He said: “The scratch was too deep to be polished out but I feel sorry for some guys down the road who had their Audi scratched really badly.

“It was no accident and people have started putting cameras up to catch them”

Investigating Officer PC Danielle Brennan said: "Each act of criminal damage was carried out overnight

“There is no pattern or any particular type of car which has been damaged."

Anyone with information can contact neighbourhood police on 101.