A plan to re-open a “disruptive” nightclub previously frequented by criminals has been strongly criticised by residents and police.

The application, submitted by Nicholas Sams to Waltham Forest Council, involves plans to re-open the former Enigma venue in Forest Road, Walthamstow, as The Sports Bar.

In 2012, the licence at the premises lapsed after the owner was made bankrupt and it closed down.

Neighbours at the time said they were relieved at the closure after anti-social behaviour, parking congestion and “scantily clad women”.

Mr Sams hopes to play music daily between 9am and 4am, while serving alcohol and food until 4am at weekends.

But a total of 32 residents have made written representations opposing the application.

And Waltham Forest Police licensing officer, Donna Wilcox, said she believes the venue could increase crime in the area.

She said the location was a problem due to its close proximity to residential properties, namely Borwick Road and Coleridge Road, and the limited parking spaces.

Ms Wilcox also raised concerns about increased activity and recruitment by the Priory Court Grey Gang, which operates in the area.

She went on to cite past examples of the Enigma Sports Bar being temporarily closed by police due to organised crime by gang members.

Following a noise assessment at the venue, council environmental health officer, Charles Rockwell, found inadequate sound insulation to existing walls.

He also claimed he is “entirely confident the prevention of public nuisance will not be met” if a licence is granted.

In letter to the council, one unnamed resident, who has lived in Borwick Avenue for 37 years, recalled being woken up by loud screams outside his home when the nightclub was operating.

He added "Words cannot explain how worried and appalled I am.

"In my 37 years of residency here, what have I got to look forward to now, the coming and going, the drinking, shouting, fighting, littering, peeing, vomiting on the streets and the loud cars disturbing my sleep?

"Please, 282 Forest Road is not the right place for this sort of establishment.

“The club would literally be next door to houses and flats. It should not even be considered."

The application will decided on Monday by the council’s licensing committee.