A school pupil's tech-savvy plinth design has beaten off dozens of entries to win a prestigious award. 

James Peterson, of South Woodford, is the Waltham Forest winner of the 2014 Fourth Plinth Schools Award Competition. 

The 14-year-old, who attends Normanhurst school, in Station Road, Chingford, was handed the award by judge and Turner Prize winner, Jeremy Deller, at the City Hall ceremony on May 1. 

His 8ft design, entitled 'Taka a Photo', is based on the concept of placing an iPhone camera on top of the Trafalgar Square plinth and taking photos which can be bought in the various styles at a nearby gift booth. 

The Year 9 pupil is one of 39 winners and his detailed concept design is currently being displayed as part of a special exhibition at City Hall.

In total, 1650 entries were submitted from children aged 5 to 15 from all London boroughs.