The production company behind The Only Way Is Essex has extended the deadline for a chip shop to comply with its request to change to its name and logo.

The Only Way is Fish now has a month to comply with the request, rather than the initial 14 days stated in a letter received yesterday.

But owners of the chip shop, who vowed to fight the case, say the extension, which has not been explained by Lime Pictures, would have little effect.

As well as the name, the shop uses a similar logo to the TV programme and is decorated in what is described as a “cheesy, glitzy” way to reflect a particular Essex style featured in the programme.

Reacting to the extension, partner in the business, Kevin Gibbons, said: “It makes no difference to us really.

“It’ll still have the same outcome.

“I don’t think we’re hurting anyone and we trade of our reputation not from the sign.”

A letter sent to the business by lawyers claims the company owns the copyright to the use of “The Only Way is...”.

It called on the shop to change its logo and take down its Facebook page.

Lime Pictures said it has sent letters to several other businesses in Essex with “The Only Way Is...” in their name.