The Liberal Democrats in Redbridge have said they offer “insurance” for voters against “the chaos” of one-party rule.

Leader Cllr Ian Bond has said he is confident his party will continue to be part of a ruling coalition in the borough after May 22.

The Lib Dems have partnered the Conservatives for the past four years.

The party has vowed to lobby against the planned closure of the Accident & Emergency department at King George Hospital in Goodmayes, hand more spending power to local committees, tackle the spread of betting shops, invest in new school places and push for more bus services to Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone.

Cllr Bond said: “Since 2010 we have demonstrated that councillors working together across the parties can deliver better, more stable and more sensible administration than the chaos of unfair and unreasonable one-party rule that went before.”

“Liberal Democrat councillors are the insurance that Redbridge residents need to make sure that Labour does not act irresponsibly, and that Conservatives are not unfair.”

Labour and the Conservatives used political heavyweights to launch their election campaigns in Redbridge, suggesting both parties believe it will be a close run race for control of the council.

On Tuesday in Gants Hill, Boris Johnson said the Tories were responsible for falling crime in the borough.

Labour leader Ed Miliband described Redbridge as a microcosm of central government and said his party would tackle a cost of living crisis in the borough.