A Waltham Forest spy car driver has been suspended after a campaign group filmed him ignoring a no entry sign.

The video, recorded by No To Mob, has been uploaded to YouTube and sent to the council's parking enforcement contractros NSL, prompting an internal investigation. 

Founded in July 2010, the 1,100 strong member group aims to challenge what it calls "revenue driven enforcement" by exposing flaws in council CCTV spy car and static camera operations. 

Captured by Steve Brown and Steve Baker, the video shows the council spy car drive through two no entry signs in Hampton Road, Chingford, on April 16.

Shortly after the illegal manoeuvre was captured on film, the footage was sent to NSL, which fines hundreds of drivers a year for similar offences.

A spokeswoman for NSL said: "The driver has been suspended pending an investigation.

"All incidents are thoroughly investigated by our Professional Standards Unit. Every NSL driver undergoes driver training and regular assessment.

"All of NSL’s vehicles are also fitted with Telematics, which continuously tracks our drivers’ motoring behaviour, such as harsh braking and acceleration."

The company, which deploys over 1,400 vehicles across the country, refused to comment further until Monday, when the disciplinary outcome is expected.

Mr Baker, a legal consultant from Enfield, said he hopes the video will expose the "hypocrisy" of parking enforcement officers.

He said: "We were following the car and had no idea he was going to drive through two big no entry signs.

"It could have been tragic if a child walked out into the road without looking in that direction or could have caused a head-on collision. 

"The hypocrisy is huge and it's ridiculous that the people who are enforcing the law are regularly breaking it.

"Our intention is not to get NSL drivers sacked but to create an awareness and acceptance that law-abiding motorists make mistakes and there should be some leniency, not automatic punishment."

A second NSL driver is also facing an internal investigation after a 43 year-old woman required surgery after being run over on the pavement of Kings Head Hill, Chingford, on Tuesday.