Angry parents are calling for Jo Shuter to be sacked as headteacher of King Solomon High School after she admitted expenses abuses, just hours after a campaign was launched to save her.

Ms Shuter recently admitted misconduct relating to claims she made in her previous role as headteacher of  Quintin Kynaston Community Academy in St John’s Wood.

She has been placed on gardening leave pending a decision by the National College for Teaching and Leadership on her future.

Some parents launched a petition calling for her to remain in her current job at the Jewish free school in Barking ide, claiming she had improved the school and inspired pupils.

However, another group of parents have now called for her to be sacked.

Natacha Laniado, 47, has two daughters at the school and believes Ms Shuter’s position is now untenable.

She said: “How can a parent say that taking £40,000 from the school is not a bad thing?

“My concern throughout this all is how can she be a role model to the children of the school, what message is she passing on to them?

“When Jo Shuter came to the school I was the only one who said it was wrong as she was still under investigation, but parents said I was judging before she had been judged.

“Almost one year down the line she is back in the news and what I had predicted happened."
Dr Ivan Cohen, 59, sends his 15-year-old son to King Solomon High.

He said: “I was surprised that the governors had chosen to appoint her, not based on her pedagogic background, but because of the dark cloud relating to what at the time were alleged financial improprieties loomed large. I always felt these would return to haunt her.

“If, as may turn out to be the case, Westminster revokes her teaching license, then her position will be completely untenable.

“However, even if they opt for a more liberal response, I still believe her position to be untenable as she will not be able to command the respect of pupils and most rational parents.”

Ms Shuter took over at the free school in September 2013, but faces being banned from teaching unsupervised for life.

She was named headteacher of the year in 2007 for turning Kynaston Community Academy around and awarded a CBE in 2010.