The organiser of a new after schools club has launched a recruitment drive for disabled workers. 

Opening this summer, the tea time club organised by Peter Burke, an experienced freelance sports coach in Waltham Forest, is seeking to give disabled people with coaching abilities a chance to run an after school club. 

The club will be based at Highams Park Baptist Church in Cavendish Road, Highams Park and is primarily targeting pupils at nearby handsworth Primary School and Selwyn Primary School.  

Mr Burke, 37, of Winchester Road in Highams Park has so far employed two staff, 23 year-old Cerebral Palsy sufferer Charlie Coats, and working mother Shelley Brasil.

"My aim is to offer kids a range of different sports so they can build up their talents, but also fundamentally to employ staff with disabilities that are passionate about sport and being active," said Mr Burke.

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