A Waltham Forest spy car driver has been sacked after his employers were sent footage of him driving illegally.

The video, uploaded to YouTube and sent to the council's parking enforcement contractors, NSL, was filmed on April 16 by the No To Mob.

Group members Steve Baker, from Enfield, and Steve Brown, from Broxbourne, captured the spy car as it drove through two no entry signs in Hampton Road, Chingford, last month. 

Born out of the bikers movement, the group, which now has 1,100 members, aims to challenge what it calls "revenue driven enforcement" and "hypocrisy" by local authorities looking to make a "quick buck."

Shortly after the illegal manoeuvre was videoed, the footage was sent to NSL, which fines hundreds of drivers a year for similar offences.

Prompting an internal investigation, the driver was immediately suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary process which ended yesterday.

The driver has now been sacked.

Belinda Webb, of NSL, said: "An allegation was made against an NSL driver, who was reported to have driven down a one-way street in Waltham Forest on April 16.

"As a result an investigation took place, which concluded that the driver had, in summary, driven without due care.

"This driver has been dismissed for gross misconduct. As can be expected of an organisation that is tasked with a role whose primary purpose is road safety and minimising road congestion, NSL takes a very serious view of driving related contraventions."

A week ago today a 43 year-old woman was run over on the pavement of Kings Head Hill in Chingford after a NSL employee driving a silver Toyota Yaris spy car mounted the pavement.

According to the council, there are currently four CCTV cars that operate in the borough.