A lottery millionaire has described how he dreamt of his success weeks before hitting the jackpot.

Terry Vigus, 58, from Loughton, said he was left feeling frustrated after matching five numbers during the dream and waking before the sixth was selected.

But three weeks later Mr Vigus and his wife Linda, 58, checked the numbers after growing bored during the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday and realised their lives had changed.

Mr Vigus, who won £1.2million, said: “My head’s spinning and I can’t sleep.

“I only ever won a tenner once before in all the years I’ve been playing.

“Winning this amount of money is enormous and totally life-changing.

“It takes time for me to make sense of it, but I know it will make life for the family so much easier.”

He added “I normally get a lucky dip ticket but for some reason my daughter suggested I do birthday dates this time.”

Mr Vigus and his wife Linda, 58, have been married 35 years.

Mrs Vigus said: "I just buy what I need I won't be buying any knew handbags."

The couple, who enjoy camping and fishing, plan on buying their home, paying off their daughter’s mortgage and treating themselves to a top-of-the-range motor home.

The couple’s winning numbers were 3, 5, 8, 10, 16 and 17. The jackpot was split three ways.