Rubbish was piled so high due to a family’s dispute with a builder it crashed through a wall into a neighbour’s garden.

Debris from extensive building work at a property owned by Su and Tim Green in Hall Lane, Chingford, accumulated next to a border wall over the space of a year.

Soon after the pile of waste, including bricks and kitchenware, had risen above 5ft 5ins the wall gave way, sending waste tumbling into Tosi and Joel Maximin’s garden.

Describing the incident, Mrs Maximin said: "I was in the kitchen and I heard this al-mighty crash.
“I was completely stunned. So much so, it took a moment to kick in.

"They are very fortunate the wall and bricks did not seriously injure someone or kill me or my husband"

Mrs Maximin said she had approached the Greens on a number of occasions calling for the rubbish to be removed before the collapse.

But as the problem persisted, the relationship between the couples worsened.

The rubbish has now been cleared and Mr Green claimed the problem was caused by a dispute with his builder.

He said: "We were arguing about who should ensure the rubbish is cleared.

"However, when push comes to shove, it has all been removed and I've told my neighbours to contact their insurance company.

"These things happen and it was unfortunate it got to that stage. I was looking into ways of getting it removed before the wall collapsed and had received quotes to get a digger in.

"Luckily no-one was hurt.”