The capital has seen the highest number of passengers opting to travel in buses in over 50 years. 

In 2013/14, passenger journeys on London buses exceeded 2.4 billion, the highest it has even been since 1959. 

Half of all bus journeys in the country take place in London and in the last decade, the number of people riding on buses has grown by 69 per cent and is expected to increase by a further seven per cent by 2020. 

Since 2000, the length of journeys carried out in the capital has expanded by 40 per cent, with buses clocking up over 300 miles annually on its 700 routes in London alone. 

Boris Johnson, mayor of London, said:  "Buses play a massively important role in keeping London moving, ferrying huge numbers of people around every far corner of the capital. 

"Without the efficient movement of people that our network allows, London simply wouldn’t function as smoothly it does."