Kittens found living wild with their ‘Hitler cat’ mother will soon be old enough to be homed.

The litter were rescued in High Beach and are currently living at The Scratching Post Cattery in Woodgreen Road, Waltham Abbey.

The will be old enough to be taken away from their mother, Dotty, who has a distinctive black mark under her nose, in two weeks.

Cattery founder Susan Delaney said the rescue home has now reached capacity.

“People are not listening when they are told to neuter their cats and now we are getting an average of three calls a day just about abandoned kittens.

“We have around 70 cats at the cattery and another 100 at foster homes, but we can’t take any more in.

“People tend to buy their cats from pet shops or online rather than come to us.”

To contact The Scratching Post, call 01992 626 110.